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Afternoon Tea With a View

Check out the newest thing at Hithe + Seek: an afternoon tea that comes with a front-row seat to the River Thames. We took the traditional afternoon tea and gave it a Hithe + Seek twist. Think small plates, big taste.
Afternoon Tea

Not-So-Traditional Afternoon Tea

Picture that: a parade of deliciousness served up in a series of awesomeness. We’re talking classic sandwiches, home-baked pastries that’ll make your heart skip a beat, and scones that are like a warm hug for your palate. It’s like afternoon tea met a flavour explosion and the result?

It's all right here, waiting for you; an afternoon tea with front-row seat to the River Thames, the Tate Modern, and Shakespeare's Globe.

£45 per person with a selection of loose-leaf JING Tea.
£60 per person with a glass of Taittinger Champagne. 

Afternoon Tea Selection

Unveiling the Story Behind Afternoon Tea

Once upon a time, in a world filled with fancy clothes and even fancier manners, a trend emerged - afternoon tea. It was as if someone pressed the “pause” button in the middle of the day and decided, “You know what? We need a break from all this seriousness!”.
So back in the 1800s in England, afternoon tea became a trend. Legend has it that the Duchess of Bedford wouldn't bear waiting until dinner for her next meal. So, around 4pm, she decided to indulge in some snacks and a cup of tea. And just like that, a tradition was born. 
So, whether you're a tea lover or just want an excuse to indulge in sandwiches and sweets, remember that afternoon tea started as a rebellious hunger cure and turned into the charming tradition we know today.


Step into the world of JING Tea, where every sip is a journey through the finest tea leaves. From the moment the leaves unfurl and release their captivating aroma to the first sip, you’ll be transported to a realm of flavours and sensations.
So whether you're a tea newbie or a tea sensei, JING Tea has got your back. From classic blends to exciting new flavours, each cup is a chance to connect with the rich tapestry of tea-making traditions.